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What to Do

How to Help Abandoned  Pets on Your Own

When Angel Dog can't take an animal, we try to help with suggestions, assists or referrals.

*Note: Listings are for our area, but the principles are the same anywhere

PLEASE ASK if they are NO-KILL before you  take him to a county animal shelter, or any other shelter or rescue.  There are other options besides needless death. Dumping is not one of them, it's terrifying to them!  Please look for help and be patient.

Preparation & basic care:

1. Give good food, shelter, wormer, vaccination when healthy, de-flea, quarantine. (These are necessary to get them placed with most shelters or transported.)

2. Socialization: Name them. Give love, attention, petting.  Several people better than one, to teach that people are nice and get them used to sweet, cuddly, playful (ie adoptable)  behavior.

3. Photos are everything!  Get head shot looking at you, full body shot, and something cute or cuddly. If it's a whole litter, take together in a laundry basket or something.  Make sure some of them are looking at the camera.  Black dogs must have sunlight (am, pm, or bright overcast or haze... not shadows). Try to avoid flash, makes creepy eyes.  Use digital with the WORST settings (fewest pixels) for best e-mailing.  Try to embed directly into email rather than attach if possible.  You can get a disposable digital camera reasonable.

4. Get info: breed, age.  Vet staff may do that for you free of charge. 

It's ok to guess at breed if mix.   


Placement Help:

5. For assistance placing animals with rescues by email networking, please contact Laurie Montfort - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Ask her if she will help you create a "plea" to help place the pet.

6. You can get help from Best Friends, "Animal Help" Dept..

a. Call 435-644-3965  Ext 4800.  You will probably get an answering machine, but they will return your call quickly.  Usually, same day, but within 24-48 hours.  

b. Go to:  Go to "Animal Help".

b. Or:

7. Angel Dog can put it on our page as a "courtesy adoption". 

Placement on your own:

Shelters and Rescues: 

* When you call a shelter or rescue, ask if it is a no-kill

8. If puppies, do not wait until they are too old!  Start inquiries early (4-6 weeks old). 

9. Call shelters or rescues near your area.  You can  Google animal rescues or shelters by state.  Key words "animal rescue shelter no-kill" and your state or town.

The following are said to be No-Kill:

  •  (or your state)  Big list.
  • S.O.S. Animal Shelter, Enterprise, AL: 334-393-1743
  • Humane Society of Terrell County, Dawson, GA: Phone: 229-995-7845
  • Paws Columbus (GA): 706-565-0035
  • Humane Society of Harris County (GA): 706-628-0007
  • Save Our Strays (SOS) Enterprise, AL: 334-393-1743
  • Sampsons This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Blountsville, AL

    Other shelters, Must ask if No-kill, we do not have that info.
  • Tri-County Animal Rescue, Andrea Hoffman: 706-326-7196, 478-862-2226. Very small breed, or 4-6 wk-old puppies;  

Adopting out:

*For adoptions, PLEASE SCREEN anyone who wants to take the animal!  Ask where he will stay. Do you want him to spend his life on a chain?  Or run loose to get hit by a car, or attacked by a Coyote?  Have they had other pets who lived a long life?  Ask for vet and personal REFERENCES.  Be aware that there are people who want a dog to use for dog fighting bait, or to sell to research laboratories.  They will pretend to love animals and want a pet. 

10. If you can care for the animal for a time, you can get it adopted yourself.  Small breeds are especially in demand.  Advertise in all area newspapers. PLEASE screen applicants.

  • Eufaula Tribune; free ads for lost or found animal or free animals: 334-687-3506.
  • Dothan Eagle (and 7 other area papers): free ads for free animals or lost/found: 800-779-2557.
  • Columbus Ledger-Enquirer: free ads for found or free animals: 706-322-4500
  • Dawson News: 229-995-2175
  • Cuthbert Southern Tribune: 229-732-6016
  • Citizen News: 229-835-3229
  • Albany Herald: 229-434-8736

11. Put photo at all the vets offices, and other places.    



12. E-mail photos, description, and request for help or adoption notice to rescue groups and anyone else you can think of, asking them to forward it to others.  Use Facebook and Twitter.  NOT Craigs List!

13. Call and/or e-mail  other rescue/shelter groups.  Search internet for "animal rescue ga" (or al or fl), "dog rescue ga" (or cat rescue or specific breed rescue).  Also, Google for list of area shelters.  They won't all be listed, so when you talk to someone, ask for other names. 

         What we do is attach or embed two or three photos. The subject line must have city, state first.  Then the dogs name, help needed.  ie, "Subject: Albany, GA: Save JoJo from chain, Cold Coming"  or "Puppies have no protection from traffic", whatever it is.  I ask them if they can help or know someone who could take him, and I ask them to please forward to everyone.  At end of your plea, put "CONTACT: and your name, email & phone number" in big, bold letters.  Send this to Laurie too, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
 14. Transportation: There animal transports available, and these rescue groups will know about them.  You may have to drive part way. 

Lost or Found animals:

15. Make poster/flyers with photo.  Put at vet's office, all over neighborhood, stores, drink machines, e-mail.  Put it in the newspapers above. 

Eufaula Animal Control IMMEDIATELY.  It is a High Kill-Fast Kill Shelter: 687-1234,

Eufaula Police, 334-687-1200,

Barbour Co Animal Shelter 775-7477,

Quitman Co Sheriff 220-334-3726,

Angel Dog Rescue; 229-334-2148.

Area Veterinarians:

Eufaula, AL; Gardner Animal Hospital; 334-687-4722

Eufaula, AL; Kline Veterinary Clinic; 334-687-6077

Eufaula, AL; Veterinary Clinics of Alabama; 334-687-6858

Cuthbert, GA; Cuthbert Critter Care;  229-732-2215

            Blakley, GA;  Dr Payton; 229-723-3727

Colquitt, GA;  Dr Henley; 229-758-8500


13. Cindy Braswell ................. h 334-0950    ....c 229-321-0364      

Sheryl Parker .. 687-3386                               

Michelle LaDuke  c 334-695-0807



14. Call the following people:

Connie Mc Adams ...............h 229-334-8155                w 334-687-2123

Eva Godfrey, ....................... h 334-616-7068               c 334-355-0871      

JR Watson ...........................h 229-334-3655                c 334-703-6175

Gardner Animal Hospital .....334-687-4722

Dusty Trails Horse Rescue.  Monica...334-284-2122    Emergency.... 334-430-1333

Second Chance, near Columbus? Dr Hank Hall?

Wild Animals, S GA, AL:

Georgia Dept of Natural Resources ....................... 229-430-4254

            Non-Game Biologist, Julie Robins ..............229-430-4252

Eufaula Wildlife Refuge;

                           Biologist, Milton Hubbard ...........334-687-4065

Contacts for Abuse or Neglect:

15. Try these numbers:

Report Dog Fighting at 1-877-TIP-HSUS.  Reward up to $5,000.  Anonymous.

Animal Abuse, AL: Barbour Co Sheriff, 687-4121,  775-3434

Animal Abuse, GA:

Quitman Co Sherrif: 229-334-3726

Dan Ricketson, Chf Invstigator,  229-732-3773   c 229-220-4387

Barbour Co Humane Society Shelter: ..........334-775-7477

Thomas Bryan, Columbus Humane Society;  w 706-576-6717,    c 706-575-1334 

Dick Stadler .... 687-209-8010


Spay/Neuter Financial Assistance (SNYP)

16.  If someone cannot afford to get their pet fixed, Please tell them about SNYP, new low-cost spay/neuter program for people who cannot afford regular vet prices.  The requirement to qualify is under $30,000 yearly income, or on some sort of assistance (food stamps, medicaid, disability, etc), or be a Sr. citizen.  Please give them Debbie's phone number below.

To learn more about SNYP or make a reservation for a pet, please call:

Debbie Woodham


Good Luck,

Susan Hayley

Angel Dog Rescue, Inc


Fix your critter, Prevent a litter!