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Angel Dog Rescue

How We Got Started We named ourselves after an abandoned Redbone Coonhound in Georgetown, GA, who took care of other abandoned puppies people dumped. We named her Angel Dog because she guided them, helped them find food, and stood aside while they ate. She carried on with her ministering until she was too sick to move, and went into hiding. Angel Dog was our real founder in November 2005. We are trying to do what she would have wanted to be done, and what we all wish someone had done for her.

Angel Dog Rescue is a special-need, foster-based rescue, based in Georgetown, GA. We are a small, grassroots group of animal lovers who started rescuing animals in our target areas in South Georgia and Alabama.

We learn of dogs who are abandoned, sick, helpless, or hurt, through a phone call or seeing the animal ourselves. If we cannot find the owner, our board of directors determines if we have enough money for veterinary care and tries to find a foster space. The hitch is there is seldom enough money or a foster vacancy. Therefore, we concentrate on the most helpless dogs or, those who would not survive without help.

Once we admit an animal, we are committed to providing any veterinary care needed to restore and maintain good health. Puppies are kept in isolation for two weeks to help prevent contagious diseases. Our dogs are treated for any diseases or injuries, vaccinated, surgeries, and spayed or neutered. The minimum vet cost for a good dog is usually about $150.00. But our new dogs are seldom well and it is not unusual to spend over $500.00. In addition, they are kept on flea, tick, worm, and heartworm preventions for as long as we have them.

It is a simple formula -- three things are necessary to save an animal:

(1) money to pay the vet
(2) a foster home vacancy
(3) adoptions or placements with partner rescues

Without all three, the system gets so bottlenecked we can't help the next abandoned animal.

Some dogs are trusting and will come with us willingly. Others have to be trapped.

We like using foster homes, where dogs await placement. It puts them in a home setting where they get care, love, and usually playmates.

When the dog is healthy, he or she is eligible to be transferred to an approved rescue.

When we cannot admit an animal, we still try to help with assistance or referrals, many resulting in placements or help for both dogs and cats.

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