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Angel Dog Rescue, Inc.
21 High Street
Georgetown, GA 39854
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We rescue dogs and puppies who have suffered some of the most severe cases of abuse and neglect. From ditches, under shacks, the woods, and highways, we rescue any breed, any age, in any condition. The worst, most at risk comes first. We are only able to save them with the help of our fosters and donors.

We go to great lengths and expense to restore their health and trust. Our generous donors and volunteers make their rehabilitation possible.

Finally, we try to relocate them to more dog-friendly locations.

Before and After

Read the stories, see the photos, and recognize just how important the work we do at Angel Dog Rescue is. From rescue to rehabilitation to relocation, it is our mission to bring these homeless and abused animals back to health, and, with the help of local volunteers, shelters, and agencies, place them in loving homes.

Read before and after stories here


No-Kill Shelters within 100 miles.

Sometimes Angel Dog Rescue just cannot take in anymore dogs.  During those times please call a nearby "no kill" shelter to ask for help. read more

How to Help Animals on Your Own

Don't worry, we have a list of steps that you can take to help and save its life. read more